Orthodontics, TMJ Therapy & Sleep Disorder Treatment

We are conveniently located in Scarborough serving the Greater Toronto area.

Breathe, Smile, Sleep, Live

Dr. Brad Oldfin is experienced with orthodontics to straighten teeth, and the prevention of malocclusions (crooked teeth and jaws) with early intervention, as well as maintaining healthy jaw joints through the process of moving teeth.  As every tooth has an important function, we use more natural non-extraction, and non-surgical methods to help you maintain optimum health.

Do you or your family members wake up with unexplained head, neck, jaw or facial pain,
or feel deprived of sleep? 

These are only some of the common symptoms of tmj joint (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction or sleep disorders that prevent proper air flow due to the positioning of the jaws and tongue.  Occlusion (how teeth fit together) affects the positioning of the jaw joint. We ensure that every patient, adults and children, receive a full TMJ health analysis.

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Beautiful broad smiles, straight teeth, healthy jaw joints and open airways - That's our goal.

Our office also serves our patients changing needs from general dentistry and cosmetics to denture therapy, which you can learn more about at OandDdental.com.

The greatest compliment our patients can give us the refferals their friends and loved ones. Thank you for your trust.